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Portable Furniture

1521designstudio objects are primitive. Like Menhirs and Dolmens, their articulation is readily available, easily understood. Their simplicity embodies a high degree of mystery.

This furniture addresses the fluid nature of contemporary life. All its pieces could be easily assembled and dis-assembled. Its modular nature allows for easy transport. The cyclical nature of evolution has paradoxically rendered the lives of a large percentage of humans closer to those of our primitive ancestors than we assume… constantly relocating, readapting to different environments. Our books, objects, furniture, might become the only sources of continuity in our volatile lifestyles.

The ambition of 1521 designstudio is to create objects capable of accompanying contemporary urbanites in their journey throughout the 21st Century.


One of the studio’s topics of interest is the increasing number of times contemporary urban dwellers relocate, and the sociological implications of this new relationship with the environment, cared-for objects, and the Self. The Zoo is part of a portable furniture collection exhibited in the Blickfang Zurich in 2012.

The second edition of the Zoo collection is composed of six animals: Ella Blue Elephant, Electric Blue Giraffe, Lemongrass Lion, Red Camel, Purple Cow, and Yellow Bear. They are works of art to be enjoyed by children from five to ninety years of age, made in Switzerland in collaboration with disabled artisans. The three-dimensional puzzles are made with birch plywood and finished with EN 71-3 and Önorm S1555 compliant paint. The set of pieces is contained in a two-dimensional plywood frame covered with silkscreened cardboard.