Loeb Sarli Architekten is an architecture studio based in Basel and Miami Beach, founded in 2009 by Tamar Loeb and Edgar Sarli. The projects stem from the simultaneous belief that architecture is a medium capable of connecting humans to the physical world surrounding them, and a strong interest in building materials and systems of construction. This attitude places humans and construction at the foreground of their design sensibility.

The office has experience in architectural projects of different scales, with a high degree of emphasis placed on details. LSA engages projects from design to construction supervision and implementation. Because theory and practice are deemed of equal importance, the firm’s project-based research ranges from large-scale urban interventions to a collection of portable furniture for contemporary nomadic urbanites.

Edgar Sarli is a Florida registered architect. He received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) at Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2003 and his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami in 1999. He has collaborated in the office of Rafael Moneo in Madrid from 2003 until 2008. He also holds an Assistant Professor in Practice position at the University of Miami School of Architecture, teaching Materials and Methods of Construction and Integrated Design.

Tamar Loeb received her Diploma and Master of Architecture at the ETH Zurich in 2006. Subsequently she worked in the office of Rafael Moneo, Madrid until 2008 on the development of the New Congress Hall in Zurich. Already during her studies she has shown an interest not only in the design itself, but also in the process from the selection of the material to the end product.

Edgar Sarli + Tamar Loeb


Loeb Sarli Architekten GmbH
Tamar Loeb, dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA / OTIA

Rütimeyerstrasse 37
4054 Basel

+41 61 511 21 54